Nature Ritual Wheel

About Ritual

What is Nature Ritual?

Nature Ritual is a way to deepen and develop our relationship and communication with nature.

It is about taking time to grow our felt connection with all the realms of nature; mineral, plant, animal, human, trees, planets, and stars.

It is a way to regularly follow the seasonal, lunar, solar and planetary cycles of time.

The Nature Ritual Wheel is a guide to this ritual connection with hundreds of beings of nature.

We can imaginatively step into the natural world, wherever we are, at any time of day, bringing a deep sense of well-being, joy, and thankfulness, for all the life with which we share the Earth.

About The Wheel

What is a Nature Ritual Wheel?

Ritual wheels or circles have been used since ancient times to follow the cycles of nature.

The Nature Ritual Wheel presented here is a comprehensive guide to nature ritual with the different realms of nature, and has been developed over many years of nature ritual practice.

At first, it appears complex and mysterious, and does contain several hundred ‘beings’ of nature such as plants, animals, stones, trees, planets and stars, that can be ritually connected with.

However, it is also surprisingly simple to use, when following the quick tutorials provided.

How The Nature Ritual Wheel Works:

Nature Ritual Wheel

Nature Ritual Divination

The Nature Ritual Wheel comes alive when it is used for nature ritual divination using a simple ‘two turns’ of the Wheel method.

Divination is an ancient process that involves a non-consciously controlled action, such as dropping a stick, to obtain a meaningful connecton with an aspect of nature, which can then be explored further.

The Nature Ritual Wheel is designed so that it can be downloaded as a high resolution digital image, printed onto paper, turned around a small stick held in the centre, which is then dropped, with eyes closed. The first turn of the Wheel chooses a ‘nature realm‘ (e.g. animals), and then a second turn of the Wheel chooses a ‘nature being’ from within that nature realm (e.g. wolf) which can give you its presence, qualities, and meaning for that day.

The Wheel is also designed so that you can divine the Runes, Tarot and Celtic Tree Ogham, so that it provides an ‘all in one’, portable nature divination ‘kit’, that can be used wherever you are.

Nature Ritual Wheel

Tutorials, Guides and Resources

The Nature Ritual Wheel comes with detailed and comprehensive tutorials and resources guides on how to use it to develop and deepen your ritual connection with nature.

A ‘Quick Tutorial Guide’ will get you up and running quickly with your nature ritual divinations, connecting you with potentially hundreds of nature beings in the Wheel.

The ‘Complete Tutorial Guide’ will give you a more detailed description of the divination process with each of the eight realms of nature included in the Wheel.

Within the Complete Tutorial Guide there is a ‘Guide to Resources’, for each nature realm, which will give you ‘clickable’ online links to websites, apps, e-books and YouTube channels, where you can explore the meanings of all of the nature beings that you connect with through your divinations.

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Nature Ritual Wheel

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You can join our new Nature Ritual Wheel private Facebook group, where you can share your experiences and journey of nature connection.

It is also a perfect place to share your experiences, and ask questions about, using the Nature Ritual Wheel for nature ritual divinations. You can also email us directly with questions. We’ll be here to support you to get the most out of the Wheel, and would love to hear about your experiences of using it, as we grow this community…

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What People are Saying:

Name: Juliet Anne

“The Nature Ritual Wheel is a beautifully creative and clever tool for divining and understanding a personal deeper connection with all aspects of the natural world.
It is easy to use and can be as simple or as complex as you desire. It is also very adaptable and can be used to suit your own daily or weekly routines.
The list of resources that accompany the Wheel have been carefully and thoughtfully researched and greatly enhance both your knowledge and understanding of the power of nature both in the present and throughout the ages.
It is an absolute joy to use and build into your everyday life. The whole process is a very uplifting, comforting and life affirming experience.”

Name: Tulin

“Working with the Nature Ritual Wheel encouraged me to connect my experiences to the cycles within the natural world. It provides a wonderful opportunity, in the busyness of life, to pause and reflect.

One reading from the NRW also directly inspired my artwork.

Beyond its impact, the actual wheel is an intricate and beautiful creation in its own right.”

Nature Ritual Wheel

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