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Nature as Therapy

Being out in nature has been shown to be very beneficial for our mental health and well being.

I offer guided walks and talks in local woodlands, and other nature areas such as river valleys, or by the sea, to explore creative ways to connect with nature, showing how this regular connection can benefit mental health.

I am a qualified Art Therapist with many years of experience working in the NHS, and with a particular interest in the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors in nature.

Rewilder Art

How Nature Therapy Works

The therapeutic benefits of nature can be explored in many different ways, depending one’s preferences and needs.

Simply being in nature, activating all the senses, listening to birds singing, or the wind in the trees, is relaxing, allowing thoughts and reflections to emerge naturally. The whole cycle of life and the changing seasons, can be easily related to the cycles and patterns of our own lives.

For those who wish to, simple nature art can be used, such as creating nature wheels, timelines through the woods, or a ‘nature doll’ representing one’s more natural self. Such creative exercises can be fun, help connect us to nature, and also to our own deeper, wilder, nature.

We can notice synchronicities or meaningful coincidences, such as when a butterfly passes, or a deer appears, at significant moments in conversation.

A walk and talk in nature can therefore provide an enjoyable, relaxing and healing space in which to share thoughts and reflections about life so that we can return to our daily lives feeling refreshed and renewed.

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Rewilder Art

Book a Free first Walk and Talk in Nature

You can contact me by phone, text, or email to discuss booking in a free first ‘walk and talk’ in nature session, ask any questions you have, where you would like to walk (I know many beautiful places in nature if you would like ideas), and how you would like to do the session. It can be adapted to your own particular needs. I live and work in Bristol and have access to areas of nature both within Bristol and further afield.

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