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Nature Photography

Nature photography with a mobile phone or camera is a simple, easy, and creative way to more closely observe and connect with nature.

Tiny flowers, insects, and fungi that might go unnoticed, can be seen in minute detail while more expansive views and vistas can be captured using landscape photography.

These images can then be kept and used as inspiration for other creative endeavours such as artwork and nature writing, further deepening our connection with the natural landscapes that we walk through.

I display some of my own nature photography through this website as potential inspiration. All of the photos in the gallery/shop can be purchased as A5 (half A4 sized) photo cards for birthdays, other special occasions, or to put in a photo frame. It would also be a nice way to support the nature connection work that I’m doing. Thank you in advance for any purchases that you make.

*Unfortunately, the cards are currently only available for postage in  the U.K.

Rewilder Art

Nature Writing

Nature writing is a great way to remember and record our experiences in nature.

Creative writing ability is not needed, and writing can range from a simple list of our nature experiences on a walk, to more descriptive prose, and even short poems about what was seen and felt.

Writing can help us to express our feelings and impressions, and enable us to remember experiences that would otherwise fade quickly away. Our connection to nature can therefore be further deepened through writing.

I keep a blog of my nature experiences, as potential inspiration, which can be accessed below.


Rewilder Art

Nature Art

Nature art is another easy and creative way to connect more closely with nature.

Nature art can be made outdoors, with nature providing the materials, such as leaves, sticks, flowers, shells, stones, pebbles, driftwood etc, with an infinite canvas on which to build, make and paint our nature art. Photos can then be taken of our creations for future reference, leaving the art to stay as part of the natural landscape, perhaps for other passers by to see.

Nature art can also be made at home, with simple materials, using nature photos as a reference, or just imaginatively expressing our nature experiences through line and colour. The trick is to not worry about making something ‘good’ but just to have a play with materials, and even do a quick and colourful scribble. This enables us to overcome our ‘inner critic’ and express ourselves more freely and ‘wildly’.

I display some of my own nature art on this website as potential inspiration. The art images can also be purchased in the gallery/shop as A5 photo cards (half A4 size) for special occasions, or to put in a frame to enjoy.

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