Rewilding Our Relationship with Ourselves and with the Earth

Growing Closer to Nature


Rewilder Art

Rewilding Earth

Rewilding is the restoration of natural habitats and the re-introduction of original species, which allows them to become self-sustaining ecosystems again.

Many rewilding projects are now being set up in Britain, Europe and across the world. In this way the human story can be transformed from one that destroys wild nature to one that protects and supports it to grow and thrive.

I believe that we need to restore this lost wilderness not only in the landscape, but also in ourselves. Many of us have become detached from wild nature and found ourselves living in an age that has separated us from the natural landscape. However, it only takes a few simple steps to begin to reconnect with our own wild natures again, and to start connecting more deeply with the wild landscapes that still surround us. This website offers three ways that we can do this below…

Rewilder Art

Rewilding Ritual

Doing a regular nature ritual is an easy and enjoyable way to more deeply connect with nature and the seasonal cycles.

Ritual has been used throughout human history to connect with nature. Many cultures used the circle or ‘wheel’ to connect with the cardinal directions, the seasons, the cycles of sun, moon, planets, animals, plants and trees.

Nature ritual is a wonderful way to more deeply connect with the nature surrounding us that we so often miss in our busy modern lives.

In this website I offer a free ‘Nature Ritual Wheel’ which can be used as a helpful guide to ritually connect with many realms, and beings of nature. Such rituals resonate with something deep in the collective memory of our wild past and hopefully connects us more deeply with a wilder future. A simple, yet powerful, way to rewild ourselves…


Rewilder Art

Rewilding Therapy

Spending time in nature is very good for our mental health and well being. It can be a place where we feel more able to talk, be healed, and inspired, by the nature beings all around us, such as the trees, plants, and animals that we see on our walk.

As a qualified Art Psychotherapist, with many years of experience working in the NHS, and a particular interest in outdoor therapy, I offer joint walks in local areas of nature, where one can talk, and explore their mental health and well being in the natural environment. Nature can then become an ongoing place of solace and reflection for the future.

Rewilder Art

Rewilding Art

Creativity and art-making are simple, fun and enjoyable ways to connect more deeply with nature. Through drawing, painting, photographing and writing about the wild nature we encounter, we can more closely observe and learn about the animals, plants and trees that we come across. A blackbird, butterfly or ash tree that we see can be quickly photographed, drawn or written about to enhance its wonder for ourselves and others.

I offer my own creative experiences in nature through this website and blog to hopefully inspire others to do the same.


Creative Expressions

Nature Connections

Nature Ritual

I offer a free ‘Nature Ritual Wheel’ that provides a comprehensive guide to regular nature ritual, allowing an ever deeper connection to the many beings of nature that live around us.


Nature Therapy

I offer joint walks in areas of wild nature, such as local woodlands, where the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors can be more fully explored, through direct experience of nature, talking, and/or creative expression as suits the  person.

Nature Art

Being creative in nature, with photography, art, and writing, allows us to observe more closely, and connect more deeply with nature. I offer some examples of my own creativity in nature through this website and also write a regular blog of my nature experiences.

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