Nature Ritual Wheel

About Ritual

What is Nature Ritual?

Nature Ritual is a way to deepen and develop our relationship and communication with nature.

It is about taking time to grow our felt connection with all the realms of nature; mineral, plant, animal, human, trees, planets, and stars.

It is a way to regularly follow the seasonal, lunar, solar and planetary cycles of time.

The Nature Ritual Wheel is a guide to this ritual connection with hundreds of beings of nature.

We can imaginatively step into the natural world, wherever we are, at any time of day, bringing a sense of well-being, and thanksgiving, for all the life with which we share the Earth.


About The Wheel

What is a Nature Ritual Wheel?

Ritual wheels or circles have been used since ancient times to follow the cycles of nature.

The Nature Ritual Wheel presented here is a comprehensive guide to nature ritual with the different realms of nature, and has been developed over many years of nature ritual practice.

At first, it appears complex and mysterious, and does contain several hundred ‘beings’ of nature such as plants, animals, stones, trees, planets and stars, that can be ritually connected with.

However, it is also surprisingly simple to use, when following the quick tutorials provided.

How to Use The Nature Ritual Wheel?

Nature Ritual Wheel

Nature Ritual Divination

The Nature Ritual Wheel comes alive when it is used for nature ritual divination using a simple ‘two turns’ of the Wheel method.

It is carefully designed so that it can be printed onto paper, turned around a small stick held in the centre, which is then dropped, with eyes closed, to choose a ‘nature realm’ (e.g. animals) with the first turn, and then turned a second time to choose a ‘nature being’ from that nature realm (e.g. wolf) which can give you its presence and meaning for that day.

A ‘Quick Tutorial Guide’ will show you how to use the Wheel for divination, and then a ‘Guide to Resources’ will give you ‘clickable’ online links to explore the meanings of the hundreds of potential nature beings that can ‘call to you’ from the Wheel for your divinations.

The Wheel is also designed to be able to divine the Runes, Tarot and Celtic Tree Ogham, so that it provides an ‘all in one’, portable nature divination ‘kit’, that can be used wherever you are.

Nature Ritual Wheel

Nature Ritual Meditation

Nature ritual meditation allows you to connect more deeply with all the different realms of nature contained in the Nature Ritual Wheel; the stars and planets, rocks and stones, plants, animals, humans, trees, gods and goddesses.

The Wheel follows the phases of the moon, and a short nature ritual meditation can allow you to connect with all the nature realms of the Wheel through the lunar week.

The Nature Ritual Wheel provides a visual guide to the nature beings you are connecting with in each nature realm.

Nature Ritual Wheel

Nature Ritual Calendar

The Nature Ritual Wheel can be used to follow the cycles of time, such as the passage of the sun, moon, planets and zodiac star constellations through the hours, lunar days, weeks, months, and the seasonal festivals of the solar year.

Small paper representations of the sun, moon, and planets, can be cut out and placed in their positions in the zodiac star constellations on an overlay around the outside of the Nature Ritual Wheel, which can then be moved around the Wheel showing you where they all are in the sky at that particular moment in time.

The Nature Ritual Wheel can therefore allow you to feel continuously connected with the cosmic wheel of our solar system and beyond.

Nature Ritual Wheel

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