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Nature Ritual Wheel Image

The Nature Ritual Wheel

Here is the full resolution digital image of the Nature Ritual Wheel for you to print out and use for all your nature ritual divinations.

The image can also be saved and viewed on your laptop, phone or tablet, where you can expand it to view the different aspects of the Wheel in more detail.

Tutorials and Guides on how to use the Nature Ritual Wheel:

Quick Tutorial

Quick Tutorial for the Nature Ritual Wheel

Here is the download for your quick tutorial guide to get you started with doing your nature ritual divinations using the ‘two turns’ method.

You can then connect with one of potentially hundreds of nature beings with each divination and look up their meaning for you by tapping or clicking on the online links in the ‘Complete Tutorial and Resources Guide’ download below.

Complete Tutorial

Complete Tutorial and Resources Guide for the Nature Ritual Wheel

Here is the download for the more detailed and comprehensive tutorial for divination with each of the different nature realms.

The complete tutorial also contains the important online resources guide for each individual nature realm, so that you can look up the meanings of the nature beings for your divinations.

You can simply tap or click on the ‘Contents’ page of the tutorial and guides for each nature realm, which will then take you straight to that nature realm, without needing to scroll through the whole document. The online resources can then be tapped or clicked and the desired website or other resource will open in your browser.

Nature Ritual Wheel

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